Inspirational Paper Banners

I love making paper banners. Great for birthday celebrations, themed parties, office inspiration… paper banners are perfect for every* occasion.

With the help of my Silhouette Cameo (an electronic cutting machine), I have made many a paper banner. My friend Agnes and I recently cut over 1600 letters for over 130 paper banners. It took AGES, but the results were truly awesome**.  You could say we’ve perfected the banner making process. And now we want to share our template with you!

Download this awesome banner making letter set:

What you get:

  • The alphabet in an elegant and bold type face (Gill Sans MT Ultra Bold);
  • Complete with small holes that allow for easy stringing;
  • As a free download: .SVG file (Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator) and/or .STUDIO3 file (Silhouette Studio).

Take this download and manipulate it in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to your heart’s content. Cut your designs on any CNC cutting machine, or print and cut them yourself. Send me photographs of the results! And get in touch if you're having problems with the download. (

Stay tuned for a post about Inkscape and the Silhouette.

Happy banner making!


*Okay, there might be an inappropriate situation… but I can’t think of one. A breakup perhaps? Use paper banners at your own risk. ;)

**Agnes and I participated in a local event called Steel Rails. Think 'giant art party on a train'... and you'll still have no idea what to expect. Our installation explored "the other side of the internet". After suspending a cloud made of paper and balloons from the ceiling of our train car, we hung paper banners of each name from the guest list (over 130 people) along with photographs and information we gleened from the internet about the passengers. The 'other' side of the internet sure freaked a few guests out. I'm sure many people changed their privacy settings on Facebook as soon as they got home. It was great.